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Department of Psychology



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Professional Profile

A PhD holder and an Associate Professor in Sociology with over 15 years’ experience, outstanding communication, classroom management and presentation skills.

A Deputy Secretary-general of Chinese Social Psychology Association, with exceptional organization skills and management and supervision abilities.

Proven excellence in the development of strong rapport with students, colleagues and administrators. Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge and accomplished skills of research and counseling. Being granted various rewards and honors.

Core Skills

l  Lecturing/Tutoring    

l  Classroom Management

l  Examination/Marking

l  Psychological Counseling

l  Mentoring

l  Student Development

l  Higher Education

l  Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Teaching Experience

Sep 2003—Present    Department of Psychology, SocialCollege, NanjingUniversity

Working alongside other lectures within the Department of Psychology and delivering tuition in Psychology to about classes annually, each of which has approximately ??? students.

Key Responsibilities

l  Designing and delivering the compulsory and elective modules

l  Delivering weekly lectures, coordinating group activities, engaging with learners, and enhancing student confidence

l  Setting examination, and administering and making all assessments

l  Inspiring the maintenance of a safe and supportive learning environment for all levels of students.

  •  Research Project 

  •  Academic Visit & International Conference 

  •  Publication 

  •  Awards 

  •  Further Information 

l  Subculture research of the online youth from the prospective of ecosystem. Key project of Social Science Fund in Jiangsu (18SHA001) 2018-2020

l  The formation and reform of the university students’ network social mentality. Key project of Philosophy and Social Science Research in universities in Jiangsu (2018SJZD1202) 2018-2020

l  Time anxiety in Chinese society: a research based on time value. Department of Education Humanities and Social Science Research Youth Fund (13YJC190002) 2013-2018

l  Research on the effect of personal psychological time on the improvement of happiness. Guiding project of Department of Education Philosophy and Social Science Research Fund in Jiangsu (2011SJD90003) 2011-2012


1 .The Anti Suicidal Ability of Adolescents, Chinese Young Men's Christian Association of Hong Kong, March 2001, HongKong.

2.International Symposium on Chinese Society and China Studies, Department of Sociology, Nanjing University, Nanjing, May 2002 .

3.Seminar on Social Transformation across Taiwan Straits, Jiangsu Social Science Federation, September 2003 .

4.Seminar on International Labour Mobility, Humboldt University, Germany. Hohai University, January 2006.

5.Seminar on Regional Economic Development in Asia, Gwangju University, Korea, October 2004, Gwangju, Korea.

6.International Symposium on Japanese and Chinese living Welfare, Nihon Fukushi University, November 6th 2007, Japan.

7.The Second International Symposium on Chinese Society and China Studies, Nanjing University, Aichi University, World University Alliance, Social Sciences Literature Press, May 2007, Nanjing.

8.International Symposium on Risk, Crisis and Public Management, the 4th Cross-Strait Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences, November 6th 2009, Nanjing.

9.The third International Symposium on Chinese Society and China Studies, Nanjing University, Shanghai University, Aichi University, University of Leeds, World University Alliance, Social Sciences Literature Press, October 2008, Nanjing.

10.International Symposium on Social change and Social structure Transformation, Nanjing Normal University, 22-23 August 2009, Nanjing.

11.Green Action, the 5th Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences, November 6th 2010, Taichung, Taiwan.

12. Visiting for 2 weeks in the Department of Social work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, October 2012.


Chen, C. (2017) Looking at the rational anxiety and intergenerational inheritance from the Chinese-style blind date. China Youth Study. 7: 11-15

Chen, C. (2016) Social Mentality and Affection Reconstruction under the Time Dimension. Exploration and Contention. 11; 42-44

Chen, C. (2016) Time anxiety: the young generation under the dramatic social changes. Nanjing Social Science. 2: 71-76

Chen, C. (2010) The positive impact of catastrophic events on victims’ well-being. Progress in Psychological Science. 18(7): 1104-1109

Chen, C. (2010) Beinge Eating Disorder in a Chinese Male – A Case Report. European Eating Disorders Review, 18(2): 154-157

Chen, C. (2008) Personal Development in Mental Health Clubs. University Education Research. 6: 32.


l  Article ‘Time Urgency: A Chinese Experience from the Perspective of Legitimacy’ Nominated for National Youth Theory Innovation Award, 2017, Magazine ‘Exploration and Contention’

l  PhD thesis ‘Time Anxiety: A Chinese Experience in Dramatic Social Changes’ Nominated for Yu Tianxiu Excellent PhD thesis in Social Science 2015

l  Young Lectures Teaching Achievement Award, 2018, NanjingUniversity

l  Microlecutre ‘Participatory Skills: Encouragement’ First Price of University Micro-teaching Competition in Jiangsu, 2018

l  Course ‘Psychology and Life’ The Most Excellent Online Open Course, 2017, Department of Education, P.R.China

l  ‘Psychology and Life’ Coursera MOOC the most popular course top 5

l  Article ‘Boost Learning Process: Problem Analysis and Performance Improvement of MOOC’ Third Price of Excellent Papers on Entrepreneurship Education in NationalColleges and Universities, 2017

l  Microlecture ‘Subconsciousness and Personality’ Special Prize of Micro-teaching Competition, 2017, Psychological Society of Jiangsu

l  My Favorite Teacher Title, 2016, NanjingUniversity

l  Microlecture ‘Subconsciousness and Personality’ Second Prize of National Universities Micro-teaching Competition, First Prize of Universities Micro-teaching Competition in Jiangsu, 2015

l  Young Lectures Teaching Achievement Award, 2015, NanjingUniversity

l  Excellent Elective Course of Caliber Education, 2014, China Higher Education Institute

l  Young Backbone Teacher, 2011, NanjingUniversity



PhD in Law

           SocialCollege, NanjingUniversity (2014)

MSc in Education

           Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science, ZhejiangUniversity (2003)

BA in Science

           Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science, ZhejiangUniversity (2000) 


Registered Psychologist of the Chinese Psychological Association (X-09-005)

Registered Supervisor of the Chinese Psychological Association (D-15-001) 

Professional memberships