Xiangnan Chai

I graduated from the University of Western Ontario (aka Western University) and received my doctorate in sociology dated October 23, 2019. My research interests highlight global health, health and health inequality, aging and the life course, in the contexts of China, Canada, and beyond. I use both quantitative and qualitative methods. Since January 2020, Nanjing University has warmly accepted me by offering me a position at the Sociology Department, where I can see excellent research opportunities for further collaborations within and outside China. The email I am using for domestic business at Nanjing University is xiangnanchai@nju.edu.cn

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1. 2020, Chinese Sociological Association (CSA), Annual conference.

2. 2020, Population Association of America (PAA), Annual conference (online).

3. 2019, Canadian Population Society (CPS), Annual conference.


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