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LI, Chunkai
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy   Position: Assistant Researcher
Research fieldMental Health of Children and Adolescents, School Bullying, Quantitative Research
Course nameSocial Work Theory
Office phone89680958/59/60-354

Dr. LI Chunkai is an assistant researcher in the Department of Social Work and Social Policy at Nanjing University (NJU). He obtained a PhD in Social Welfare from the Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK). He was invited as a visiting scholar at School of Social Work, University of Washington in St. Louis and China Research Service Center in CUHK.
He specialises in mental health of children and adolescents, school violence, and evidence-based social work. He has published numerous academic papers in high-quality peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Child and Family Studies, Applied Research in Quality of Life, etc. In 2017, he was selected as the “innovative and entrepreneurial Doctor” in Jiangsu Province.
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2017,“Research on the effect and mechanism of poverty on children's mental health”(Grant No.: 2017M621686), financed by China postdoctoral science foundation.

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2017, " innovative and entrepreneurial Doctor" in Jiangsu Province
2017, First Prize of Excellent Papers (Philosophy and Social Sciences) of the 11th Academic Conference in Jiangsu Province
2015, Global Scholarship for Research Excellent, Chinese University of Hong Kong
2013, Full Scholarship for Doctoral Student, Chinese University of Hong Kong
2013, Outstanding Graduate of Nanjing University
2012, National scholarship for graduate students
2012, Excellent graduate student of Nanjing University
2012, Excellent Scholarship for graduate students, Nanjing University