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Ming Hu
Address: 163 Xianlin Ave.
Heren Building 356
Nanjing, China
Phone: 159-5055-2184

Ph.D. in Civil Society and Community Research, September 2013—August 2017
University of Wisconsin -Madison, WI, USA
Minor: Sociology
Dissertation: Chinese Volunteers: Motivation, Recruitment, and Satisfaction
M.A. in Philanthropic Studies, August 2011--November 2013
Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Thesis: Termination of NGO Alliances in China: Typology and Determinants
M.A. in Agricultural Economy Management, September 2002--June 2004
Renmin University of China, Beijing, China                     
B.A. in Economics, June 2002
Henan Agricultural University, Zhengzhou, China
Assistant Research Professor, December 2017—Present
Department of Social Work & Social Policy, Nanjing University.  
Teaching Assistant, September, 2014—May, 2017
Department of Civil Society and Community Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project Assistant, September, 2013—May 2014
University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Nonprofits
Research Associate, January—August 2013
Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Research Department, Indiana University
Graduate Assistant, August—December 2012
International Center of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
Research Assistant, January – June 2012
Indiana University Survey Research Center, Indianapolis, IN
Interim Executive Director, February 2011- July 2011
Green Roots Center for Social Work Development, Chengdu, China
Community Research Manager, May 2008- June 2010
Sun Yat-Sen University Institute for Civil Society, Guangzhou, China
Assistant Program Officer, July 2004 – April 2008 
Oxfam Hong Kong, Kunming, China
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Hu, M. (June, 2016). Downward accountability: Exploring voluntary financial disclosure in nonprofits. Paper presented at the 8th Sino-US International Conference for Public Administration, Beijing.
Hu, M. (November, 2015). Chinese NPO’s responses to fundraising policy changes. Paper presented at the 44th Annual Conference of the ARNOVA, Chicago, IL.
Hu, M., & Zhu, J. (November, 2014). Rethinking the participatory approach: An extended case study of community reconstruction after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. Paper presented at the 43th Annual Conference of the ARNOVA, Denver, CO.
Hu, M. (February, 2014). Chinese youth engagement: A self-exploring life story. Paper presented in the Brown Bags Series of the Center for Nonprofits, UW-Madison, WI.
Hu, M. (November, 2013). Building cross-sectoral collaboration for community recovery: A case of community-based action research in China. Poster presented at the 37th Midwest Ecological-Community Psychology Conference, Chicago.
Hu, M. (November, 2013). Dissolution of nonprofit alliances in China: Typology and determinants. Paper presented at the 42th Annual Conference of the ARNOVA, Hartford, CT.
Hu, M., & Zhu, J. (September, 2012). Community reconstruction and participatory development. Paper presented at the Workshop in Multidisciplinary Philanthropic Studies, organized by Indiana University Center of Philanthropy, Indianapolis, IN.
Hu, M. (June, 2010). Silent social movement: A case of NGO allies for the Wenchuan Earthquake relief. Paper presented at the Cross-strait Symposium on Civil Society and Public Participation, organized by the National Chengqi University Center for China Studies, Taipei, Taiwan.
Hu, M., Zhu, J., & Kong, D. (2017). Downward Accountability: Examining Voluntary Financial Disclosure in Chinese Nonprofits. (working paper).
Hu, M., & Stoecker, R. (2016). Rethinking participatory development in the context of a strong state. Community Development (Under review).
Hu, M., & Guo, C. (2016). Fundraising policy reform and its impact on nonprofits in China: A view from the trenches. Nonprofit Policy Forum, 7, 213-236.
Hu, M., Guo, C., & Bies, A. (2016). Termination of nonprofit alliances: Evidence from China. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 27, 2490-2513.
Hu, M. (2015). Challenges of conducting disaster research: The case of the Sichuan Earthquake. Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy, 6, 164-182.
----. (2017). Reprinted in Scott Robinson and Haley Murphy (eds.), Nonprofits and Disasters, Chapter 8, 201-224. Washington DC: Westphalia. (Forthcoming).
Flanagan, C., Lin, C., Luisi-Mills, H., Sambo, A., & Hu, M. (2014). Adolescent civic development across cultures. In L. Jensen, (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Human Development and Culture: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. 471-484. New York: Oxford University Press.
Zhu, J., & Hu, M. (2011). Duoyuan gongzhi: dui zaihou chongjian zhong canyushi fazhan lilun de fansi [Community plural governance: A reflection on participatory development theories]. Open Times 10, 5-25. (Chinese peer reviewed journal).
----To be reprinted in Huaiyin Li & Chongqing Wu (Eds), Rethinking Socialism and Reform in China, Volum 3, Leiden, Neitherlands: Brill.
Zhu, J., Wang, C., & Hu, M. (2009). Zeren xingdong yu hezuo: wenchuan dizhen zhong NGO canyu gean yanjiu [Obligation, Action and Cooperation: Case Studies of NGOs’ Participation in the Sichuan Earthquake Relief]. Beijing: Peking University Press.
Zheng, F., Hu, M., & Zhao, S. (2006). Quanqiuhua jingzheng hangye xiehui zhili yu zhongxiao qiye cuqun chengzhang: Wenzhou dahuoji chanye cuqun gean yanjiu [Global competition, trade association governance and development of SMEs industrial clusters: A case study of Wenzhou’s lighter industry. Renmin University of China Journal, 1, 78-85. (Chinese peer reviewed journal).
Research Reports
Hu, M. Zhang, F., Qi, M., Zhang, N., Li, W., & Li, Y. (2015). Quanqiu cishan qushi baogao [A Review of Global Philanthropy Trends]. Beijing: China Charity Alliance.
Hu, M. (January, 2010). Promoting citizenship in grassroots NGOs. Research report for the Sun Yat-Sen University Institute for Civil Society, Guangzhou, China.
Hu, M. (May 2009). China’s third sector: Its rise and challenges. Research report for the China Charity Information Center, Beijing.
Hu, M. (July 2008). How donors facilitate the growth of grassroots NGOs: A case of an anti-AIDS NGO. Research report for Oxfam Hong Kong in its evaluation report series “Mainstreaming Civil Society in Oxfam Hong Kong’s China Development Work.”
Nominee for the Dissertation Completion Fellowship (of two finalists), University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology, 2016
Best Conference Paper Award, Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), 2015
Paper Title: Rethinking the Participatory Approach: An Extended Case Study of Community Reconstruction after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake
Dissertation Research Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology, 2016
Philanthropic Studies Association Research Grant, Sun Yat-Sen University School of Philanthropy, P.R.C., 2015
Scott Kloeck-Jenson Fellowship (for pre-dissertation research), University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Regional and International Studies, 2015
STAR Summer Research Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology, 2014
Graduate Student Research Grant, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, 2013
Harriet M. Ivey Student Capstone Award, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, 2013
Diversity Scholars Award, ARNOVA, 2012
Student Internship Fund Award, Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, 2012
International Programs Scholarship, Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, 2011
International Program Fellowship, Focus on Global South (Thailand), 2007 
Teaching Assistant Positions at University of Wisconsin –Madison
Fall 2014
Undergraduate three-credit Courses: Communication with Kay Audiences, Internship, Program Planning, and Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
Spring 2015
Undergraduate three-credit Courses: Community Newswriting, Nonprofit Leadership, Internship, and Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
Fall 2015
Undergraduate three-credit Courses: Strategic Planning in Family & Financial Education, Internship, and Communication with Kay Audiences
Spring 2016
Undergraduate three-credit Courses: Methods of Teaching Family & Consumer Education, Community Leadership, Community Newswriting, and Internship
Spring 2017
Undergraduate three-credit Courses: Strategic Planning for Nonprofit & Community Organizations
Graduate 3-credit Course: Mixed-Methods in Community-Based Action Research
Selected Teaching Lectures
“A review of quantitative research basics,” guest lecture for the UW-Madison graduate class “Mixed-Methods in Community-Based Action Research,” February 2, 2017.
“Preparing a Solicitation Letter,” guest lecture for the UW-Madison undergraduate class “Community Newswriting,” April 13, 2015. 
“Grant Making and Application,” guest lecture for the UW-Madison undergraduate class “Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations,” November 4, 2014. 
“Communication Skills for Leadership,” guest lecture for the UW-Madison undergraduate class “Communicating with Key Audiences,” September 26, 2014.
“International NGOs and the Growth of China’s Civil Society: A Case of Oxfam Hong Kong,” guest lecture for the undergraduate class “Civil Society and NGO Development” at Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou, China), May 28, 2010.
Service to Profession
Peer Reviewer for VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, & Nonprofit Management & Leadership
Research Fellow for NGOCN (www.ngocn.cn), a Chinese nonprofit dedicated to nonprofit policy research and advocacy